• Anita Oguni

A Gist For All Your Moods

It’s a new year loaded with plans regardless of the uncertainties and it is super easy to get overwhelmed in the blink of an eye.

You deserve a clear and decluttered head, it’s better to plan when there’s adequate space to think.

Bisi works a 9–5 and manages her clothing line by the side with a partner in the United States and her parents in other parts of the city, juggling communications for the different parts of her life can be tricky.

But Bisi has devised a means that works for herself and everybody in her life — giving her ample time to focus on all areas of her life adequately.

Bisi chose the Gist Mobile App which allows her to have up to 4 numbers (both local and international) on one App, allowing her to have separate profiles/numbers for work, personal, and business matters.

There’s more…she also enjoys free calls/texts to her contacts who also use Gist Mobile and can choose to keep her personal number private.

Don’t you want to be like Bisi?

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