• Anita Oguni

A ‘Gist’ In Time Saves You

The silence in the car could easily have been described as deafening if not for the irregular breathing from a furious Yomi and an anxious Chinenye.

Yomi shifted uncomfortably, this prompted Chinenye to reach for his right hand which he yanked angrily.

‘Haba! What’s this really?’ Chinenye queried.

‘Say it already!’ Yomi fumed.

‘Say what?” Chinenye’s brows furrowed as she inquired.

‘You are tired of us…me!’ Yomi spat.

‘How’s that?’

‘You barely take my calls or reply messages and then you come up with one flimsy excuse or the other…this has been on for 3 weeks’

‘Ah! Work has been crazy and I always have my work phone with me…this’ She explained, raising a phone. ‘…is hardly ever with me, I am so sorry’

‘Really?’ Yomi mumbles.

‘Yes babe, really’ Chinenye reassured as she pulled him close.

Well, Chinenye had it a bit easy. That was lucky.

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