• Anita Oguni

A Space For Everyone

A Space For Everyone

Adulthood can be quite overwhelming. There’s so much to do, too many people to reach out to and money to be made, of course.

Having to deal with all these can make missing out on a lot of things [that matter] as easy as a hot knife going through butter. In fact, trying to keep up with all these is one of our major stressors.

Space is an area or a part that is free/unoccupied. Typically, a spot where seamless breathing literally and figuratively, is unhindered.

This is what the Gist Mobile App offers — a space for you to be without feeling swamped while reaching out and getting reached by who you want and when you want.

With Gist Mobile App, you have access to four different numbers on one App and they could be either international or local.

These numbers are referred to as a ‘gist’.

You can have a customized profile for each of your gists and choose which to turn on or off as the case may be.

So, if you are on vacation and do not intend to be bothered about work or business, you switch to the gist that caters to your personal need.

Download the Gist Mobile App on Google Play Store or App Store and enjoy seamless communication at the tip of your fingers.

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