• Anita Oguni

About That Gister Life

‘So, Didi says she can’t reach you?’ Mofe blurted as he had his eyes transfixed on the laptop before him.

‘’Err…no, she can’t. Why?’’ Efe responded nonchalantly 

Mofe finally looked up from his laptop, ‘but you have one phone and as I can see…’ he said pointing at Efe’s phone on his study table.‘…it isn’t switched off’

Efe stared at him perplexed, he grabs his phone and waves it at Mofe’s face. ‘Apparently not! What’s with all the questions?’

‘I am curious now. Haba!’

‘I turned off the number she can reach me on’

‘Without turning off your phone?’


‘How’s that?’

Efe guffawed. ‘Bro, I use the Gist Mobile App. I have different numbers even an international number on one virtual sim’


‘…I make cheap calls and even free calls and texts if the other party has the Gist Mobile App’

‘Oh wow. I need to…’

‘No need to complete it, just download the Gist Mobile App from the Google Playstore. I used the iOS store’


‘Welcome, latest gister!’

Both men chuckle happily. Still not a gister? What are you waiting for? Visit to find out more.

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