• Anita Oguni

Above And Beyond

‘Where have you been?’ Chima asks Kunle curiously. ‘Been waiting for over an hour’. 

‘Oh! I am so sorry. I have been with Fatimah’ Kunle responds apologetically.

‘Fatimah ke? Which Fatimah?’

‘Same Fatimah now’ Kunle answers surprised.

‘Don’t tell me she is back’ Chima blurts out, perplexed.

‘But she is’

‘Really? She’s been calling me with her UK number and the other day, it was a Canadian number or so. I didn’t think she was back in the country and I know she hates roaming’

‘Well, she isn’t.’

‘Hah! How do you mean?’

‘She is a gister’

‘and this means??’

‘Her communication is above and beyond…’Kunle replies, chuckling.

Chima looks on confused.

‘Okay, Okay...A gister is someone who uses the Gist Mobile App.

‘Sooo, what happens on the Gist Mobile App?’

‘You get to own up to 5 numbers including international numbers all on one virtual sim’

‘Oh wow!’

‘Yes. Wow. You don’t even need an extra phone just the Gist Mobile App’

‘Can you…’ 

Kunle cuts in, ‘Yes, I can. Just download the Gist Mobile App. It’s available on both Google Play Store and App Store.

You can also visit to find out as much as you want.

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