• Anita Oguni

An App That Binds

At the end of the day, we really just want to connect with family, friends, business partners, and the like.

It’s an obviously virtual society right now and our need for connection has intensified. What we want is to reach people when and as much as we can.

Gist Mobile App has equally made connection a seamless experience by giving our hands and maybe even our ears an even lesser burden.

An app that ensures all your numbers both international and local are housed in the same place and also sees that you connect with various people in your life when and how you want to — this is as functional as functional can get.

You can make free calls and send free texts as long as the recipient has a gist. You can choose which of your gist stays off while you have ample time to talk to whom you want to talk to at a specific time.

Segment your life with zero stress today. Choose Gist Mobile. For all the information you need to be a gister, visit

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