• Anita Oguni

Bask In All Of February's Love

It’s February already. The year is moving as swiftly as it can!

Typically, February is seen or perceived as a month filled with love and warmth. Unfortunately, due to certain restrictions as regards the ongoing pandemic, some of us may not exactly experience February as we would have loved to.

How different will this February be in relation to all the others in the previous years?

With the Gist Mobile App, you can bask in all of February’s Love seamlessly albeit virtually. You can make calls [local and international] for as long as you want for little or nothing.

Gist Mobile App allows you have up to 4 numbers [local and international] with personalized profiles so you can restrict and give access without halting other aspects of your life.

There’s so much love to go round this month. Get a gist today and ensure love reaches you and vice versa from wherever you are.

Download on App Store or Play Store today.

Have a great month!

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