• Anita Oguni

Better With Gist

One of the reasons we get out of bed every morning is to do or make something that is supposed to make us feel better; financially, mentally, or even physically.

We want easier and better lives because like we all know life inherently comes with a couple of tough times, every now and again.

Imagine having to move around with a bag in hand and a couple more things on the other hand and you are struggling to balance yourself to make movement less exhausting when you could just put everything in a bag and make movement easier.

Gist Mobile App is the bag that carries all of your virtual communication needs.

You can have up to 4 numbers on one App and those numbers could be both local and international numbers.

Then you can make free calls or send texts to a gister [one who uses the Gist Mobile App] as long as you have downloaded and registered on the Gist Mobile App while having personalized profiles. Here, you can choose what calls to take or not to without having to switch off your phone.

Life is better with the Gist Mobile App. Come on board today.


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