• Anita Oguni

Breaking Barriers: One Gist At A Time

We talk about breaking walls every now and then, breaking barriers trying to make way past a certain problem or situation at hand. It does feel exhilarating when you know that the answer to your problem is just a turn away or a person away or even an app away.

Imagine having to walk through walls and not jump over them. Easy breezy! Everybody deserves an easy life devoid of hassles. Gist Mobile App is happily and effortlessly breaking any walls around communication and connection both internationally and locally.

You can make international calls from local numbers at cheap rates from wherever you are. You can have access and use up to 5 numbers including international numbers from one virtual sim.

To be a gister is to break communication barriers with ease.

Download the Gist Mobile App from Google PlayStore or IOS Store to tear down those walls today.

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