• Anita Oguni

Earn More. Live Better.

Ope is looking at herself in the mirror. She looks better and her skin is undeniably popping.

‘Life is good’ she whispers to herself satisfactorily still staring at her reflection.

Ugo is beside himself with happiness. He just purchased all the gadgets on his wishlist. Can life get any better than that?

Ugo calls his best friend, Ejiroup with an excitement laden-voice laden, he says, ‘I am eating good, man!’

Ejiro cackles on the other end. ‘’Apparently!’’

Ope and Ugo have since signed up on Fiverr and Upwork conveniently with their recently acquired gists.

Now they have more jobs, earn more, and live better.

You too can register on these sites with ease when you purchase a number on the Gist Mobile App.

Download on Google Play or App Store.

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