• Anita Oguni

Experience Convenience

Your phones are ringing off the hook!

Your desk is full and overwhelming!!!!

Your mechanic is calling about your car you dropped off weeks ago, Your sister is texting about the exam she is about to take that’s making her anxious, your wife is calling as regards the conversation you had the previous night and why you just slept off.

You can’t afford to turn off your phone because you are expecting an important phone call from a potential client who isn’t in the country.

Your heart is racing twice as fast.

Let’s help you experience the convenience you deserve today.

Download the Gist Mobile App from Play Store or App Store and have access to 4 numbers both local and international. You can also keep your personal number private and choose which number to switch off and when — all on one mobile phone!

Enjoy convenience as you communicate with the various people in your life.

Find out more at

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