• Anita Oguni

Flexibility On A Platter

‘’Titi!!!!!!’’ Efe screams at the top of her lungs. 

‘’What?’’Titi responds nonchalantly as she buries her head inside her brown satchel.

‘’Can’t find my black dress…where have you dumped it this time?’’ Efe stands hands akimbo, eyeing her friend.

‘’Me? Why must it be me? ‘’ Titi barks as she still has her head buried in the bag

Efe chortles, ‘You are the only excavator in this house! Always searching for one of your phones. IT IS ANNOYING!’’

‘’Chuks is supposed to call me and I can’t find my phone and this is the third time in a row...I am exhausted!’’ Titi blurts out as she dumps the bag on the other end of the room

Efe sighs, pushes aside the heap of clothes and sits beside her. 

‘’You are too young to be this worked up every time oh! Haba!’’

‘’I can’t help it’’ Titi retorts

‘’Oh! You can…you just like suffering, to be honest’’

‘’Ahn ahn!’’

‘’Yes, have you downloaded that Gist Mobile App I spoke to you about the other day?’’

‘’Errr…I will do that now’’

Efe shakes her head, ‘’You are not even ready…until you break yourself in two because of your rigidity’’

Titi looks at her somberly. Efe hisses and grabs Titi’s other phone on the bedside table. Efe fiddles with it for a while then hands it over to Titi.

‘’Here! I downloaded it…flexibility on a platter! No stress!’’

‘’Thank you’’ Titi smiles ‘’wait oh! What do I do next?’’

Efe looks at her stunned. ‘Hian! You are educated na…navigate the app yourself. Must I do everything for you?’’

Titi shrieks, ‘ What are friends for now?’’

‘’What aren’t they for?’’ Efe replies smugly

Indeed, the Gist Mobile App is flexibility brought to you on a platter.  You can have both international and local numbers all on one sim. No hassles, whatsoever. As a gister, you have access to free calls and messaging when interacting with another gister.

Flexibility has been brought to you on a platter, why don’t you simply reach out and enjoy this goodness.

Download the Gist Mobile App on Google Play or App Store to get started.

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