• Anita Oguni

For Every Version Of You

Separating your personal life from work or business can be tricky no matter how hard you try. There’s always that loose end but we try regardless.

Bisi is always as busy as a bee with a 9–5 and a business by the side and then there’s family and a few friends. After a long week, Bisi would rather recline on her fav settee, casually enjoying chit-chat with her friends over the phone than respond to customers’ queries but somehow work or business always interferes.

What did Bisi do?

She got herself a Gist! Firstly, she downloaded the App and then purchase 3 different numbers for business, work, and personal use — one, of course, was an international number to help her with applying for jobs online.

Now Bisi breathes easy, she chooses which of her profiles to turn on or off and when. There’s a gist for every version of Bisi and you too. Be a gister, today.

Visit for more details.

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