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Four Is A Company Too

Four Is A Company Too

You know that saying that goes, ‘two is a company, three is a crowd’

Well…well, a certain Kene came up with an updated version of it after his friend, Shade indirectly helped him tackle his communication issues.

Kene owns a clothing outfit for men with partners who are out of Nigeria. He runs a part-time program at a University close to him. Kene with brown, bright eyes and a smile that lights up a room is also a ladies’ man.

Sometimes in between calls with his business partners, calls from his clients, colleagues, or one of the females who he has whispered sweet nothings in their ears at one point or the other.

Navigating all these is an obvious chore for our dear Kene but there’s always a silver lining somehow.

Kene’s buddy, Tomi led him to the gister life, right after ensuring he had downloaded the Gist Mobile App which allows him to have more than 4 numbers on one App both local and international numbers.

So far, communication has been seamless for Kene, everybody is getting the required attention without overwhelming him. From time to time, Kene says aloud in glee, ‘Four is a company oh!’

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