• Anita Oguni

From Your Palms To The World

Isn’t it just beautiful how you can do more than half of the things you want to do from anywhere with ease?

It even gets more beautiful with Gist Mobile’s App features where you have access to 4 numbers and can also purchase international numbers from UK, US, or Canada.

You can take up remote jobs on Fiverr or Upwork when you register with any of the international numbers you purchase on the App.

Enjoy free calls or texts from any of your Gists with a family member, friend, or colleague who also has the Gist Mobile App.

Switch off any of your Gists whenever you deem fit and still be reachable.

There’s a world of possibilities with the Gist Mobile App. Be a gister today.

Download now from Google Play or App Store to get started.

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