• Anita Oguni

From Your Phone To The World

Hans Christien Andersen said to travel is to live and there were no lies told.

We all want to explore in fact it is right that we do. We may not always have the time or the means to — depends on the circumstance.

Thanks to the internet — connection has become an easy as a, b, c, and for this, we are super glad. Riding on the back of this convenience, Gist Mobile is making an easy life means, even more, easier by allowing you to be anywhere from anywhere just from your mobile phone.

You can own a US, UK, or Canadian number all on one virtual sim while in your home country. 

With the Gist Mobile App, you can have up to 5 numbers on your phone without needing a second.

You can also communicate with friends and family for free who also use the Gist Mobile App.

Sounds fabulous, right?

You can visit or send us a DM on Twitter or IG — @gist_mobile or gistmobile, respectively to know more.

Download the Gist Mobile App now on App Store or Google Play to get started and remember to spread the good news!

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