• Anita Oguni

Give Yourself An Easy Life

Amaka holds her head in her hands as she sighs heavily several times. Tosin is pacing about, a frown on his face.

‘Who died, here?’ Onome queries as she walks in.

‘She missed a very important call — a potential employer’ Tosin spits

‘Ah! How? why?’ Onome lowers herself beside Amaka

‘Martins kept calling. I was upset and switched off my phone. Am I the first person to end a relationship’ Amaka quivers and burst into a fit of tears

Onome holds her tightly and rocks gently. ‘We will solve Martins’ problem later but can you download the Gist Mobile App and give yourself an easy life’

Amaka sniffles and hands Onome her phone.

‘Biko, show me the ropes. I am really tired’

Tosin sits beside both of them and takes out her phone. ‘ Fill me in oh! I am about the easy life too’

Segment your life virtually with ease and enjoy the peace you deserve.

Download the Gist Mobile App on Play Store or App Store.

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