• Anita Oguni

Indeed, The World Is Your Oyster

Arome looks on, amused as Teju takes calls upon calls in quick succession.

‘’Hmmmn!’’ Aroma grunts

‘’What is it?’’ Teju retorts

‘’You have been on these calls all day. Are they free?

‘’Yes! they are’’

‘’but they are international calls?’’

‘’of courseee!’’


Teju guffaws.

‘’I use the Gist Mobile App for my calls and texts and half the people I have been speaking with customers and family-inclusive make use of the App as well’’

‘’So, it’s free’’

‘’Yes! as long as it’s Gist to Gist’’


‘’There’s still more you can have access to up to 4 numbers both international and local numbers all on one mobile phone’’

‘’Why haven’t you told me about this since?’’

‘’Well, I am now’’

‘’Downloading immediately’’

‘’Sure, man! Your customers will thank you!Welcome to the Gist side of life’’

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