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It’s the Shutdown and travel ban – For a Worldwide You, you need to stay connected!

2020 started so optimistically, it heralded a new decade, the year in which so many ‘Vision 2020’ projects would be realised for many nations. Then Covid-19 happened, and life as previously known, has now changed.

It need not be that way. Gist Mobile is offering subscribers the opportunity to become boundary-less. Gist customers can own international mobile numbers from UK, Canada and USA which can be used to make and receive calls and messages, just as if they were physically present in those countries. Businesses can now be run locally remotely; friends and family can feel ever more connected and as more activities are created and consumed digitally, subscribers need not worry about staying connected, as Gist Mobile will ensure they always remain connected …to what matters most.

Go to and download now for free.

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