• Anita Oguni

Less Is Still More

There’s a loud buzz on the table, Martha looks up quickly, ‘which of the phones might that be?’ she whispers to herself impatiently as she gropes around the poorly lit room. She finally lays her hand on a phone but the buzz continues, ‘it has to be one of the others’ she mutters, exasperatingly as she hits her left knee on her bedside table.


With all the recent happenings, no one wants to be a Martha, misplacing phones and missing important calls. It can be daunting!

We can all agree that in the past few months due to the current pandemic we have received and made much more phone calls than normal. The best you can do is to try to make life as easy as you can for yourself and even those trying to reach out to you.

Not everybody is a minimalist still nobody enjoys having to deal with too much or being overwhelmed to the point of actually losing their minds in the process. 

Imagine trying to get on a BRT/bus… and one of your phones starts ringing and you are struggling to find which particular one it could be. Aargh!


being at an important meeting and not knowing which of your phones you forgot to put on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and then it keeps ringing off the hook.

90% of the time, less is more and that’s why Gist Mobile App is just what you need to make your life simpler and in turn, make you more productive. 

With Gist Mobile App you can have up to 5 of your phone numbers both local and international on one dedicated line on your existing device. 

Doesn’t that sound like a whoosh of relief? Sure does!

…and the goodness doesn’t just end, each Gist will provide cheaper calls and messaging which will be entirely free to other Gist Mobile App users!

This is no facade — Download the Gist Mobile App on Google Play or App Store and start your journey to a happier life with a more effective means of communication and connection.

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