• Anita Oguni

Live Your Best Life

‘Hey man!’ Sam calls out to Orok.’You have been making calls all day, abeg, come and help me out here’

Orok smiles casually, ‘You are just a hater sha. You don’t like to see me happy’

Sam sucks his teeth. ‘Abeggg! You have called about three different women in the last couple of hours’

Orok feigns shock. ‘Errr…Still deciding and I need to talk frequently, you know, He winks. ‘To know where errr, i will end up’

Sam laughs out loud, ‘who you mean?’

‘Whatever man’

But, how do you even do it?


‘Yup! Gist’


‘I have about 3 numbers on my phone, thanks to Gist and it doesn’t even affect my work calls which makes it even better and oh! i got them to download the Gist Mobile App — so messages and calls are free’!

‘You are indeed living your best life!’

‘Of course’

Sam clears his throat noisily. ‘I can get this on my iPhone, yes’

‘Yes! It’s available on App Store and Google Play’

Visit today.

Live easy. Live your best life!

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