• Anita Oguni

More Power To Your Grind

Efe is creative with so much to offer but he is almost always broke.

Getting gigs can be challenging. The referrals come in trickles and even his old clients are hardly reaching out.

Efe goes on Fiverr and Upwork to sign up as a freelancer with a +234 number and he is exasperated because, for some reason, it’s a taxing process.

A frustrated and exhausted Efe lays on his bed, scrolling through his phone and comes across a glossy sponsored ad that had just the solution he sought.

Efe goes ahead to download the Gist Mobile App and purchases an international number which he uses to sign up on these platforms successfully.

Now, Efe is ready to go!

Gist Mobile is interested in making your hustle seamless that’s why we offer you convenience, ease, and options.

Having Efe’s former challenge? Download the Gist Mobile App on Google Play or App Store or find out more on

More power to your grind!

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