• Anita Oguni

More To Gist Than Just Gist

You are scrolling through your phone and come across ‘Gist’ and think to yourself -all talk or long talk time or plenty of yarn. Well, you are not so far from the truth but you are not close to it either.

‘Gist’ will guarantee you long talk of course — you can gist for hours on end with your friends and family for little or no cost but there is more to Gist than just gist.

  1. You can have up to 5 numbers on a virtual sim and this could be either local or international.

  2. You can send texts for free to a fellow Gister*

  3. Your personal number stays as private as you want

  4. You can choose who calls you on which line

  5. You can have personalized voicemails on each of your different numbers/profiles. Awesome, right?

  6. You can travel without having to switch lines or have more than a phone.

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