• Anita Oguni

New Things Are Always Worth A Try

Trying out new things can be daunting and equally exciting.

Typically as human beings, we often resist change for obvious reasons.

Nobody wants to be moved from a life they have been used to or that they have known but change is a constant as long as we keep living.

This is why Gist Mobile App is bringing you a change that you will embrace. A change that will make your life easier and seamless.

A change that you will be thankful for.

If you are yet to download the Gist Mobile App, you are most likely missing out on a change that you need.

With Gist Mobile App, you do not need more than one phone to separate your personal life from business. You can have up to 4 numbers both local and international on one App with different profiles which you can turn on and off at your convenience.

You can make free calls or text with a Gister and make international calls at cheap rates with your own international number that you can own even in your home country.

Try new things today. Be a gister. Visit to find out more.

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