• Anita Oguni

One Phone. Different Worlds.

The first place you go to for almost anything or most things is your mobile phone and the interesting thing is it goes any and everywhere with you — even the toilet.

In this age and time, we connect, learn and do most things on our phones so it surely won’t be out of place to say that your phone is your ‘world’. 

How about knowing that with your ‘world’ in your hands you can have access and be a part of different other worlds?

What does this mean? That you can own and international number all the way in your home country and the catch is you can still keep your local number without having more than one phone.

Amazing, right? 

  • International numbers from US, UK, Canada and more

  • Extra mobile numbers

  • Low-cost calls

This is what the Gist Mobile App offers and more. To get started and be a part of many more worlds, visit and download the Gist Mobile App on Google Play Store or App Store.

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