• Anita Oguni

See The World - Unhindered

Adventures had always been Tola’s thing. A life where he couldn’t explore on a whim was kind of baseless to him so trying out new things consistently was Tola’s driving force but this is easier thought of than done when you are a Nigerian banker with a side hustle.

A few months ago, Tola quit his job and is thinking of testing the waters outside the country particularly the United States Of America. After all, his cousin, Ejiro applied for jobs in the US from the comfort of his home in Lagos.

Tola is having a bit of a hard time with that.

What does Tola not know?

Tola doesn’t know that Ejike applied for jobs with his US number which he purchased on the Gist Mobile App.

Tola also doesn’t know Ejike has 2 more international numbers including his Nigerian number all one virtual sim on his phone.

Don’t be like Tola.

Ask the right questions and of course, download the right Mobile App today.

Apply for jobs in the US with ease with your own international number today.

Download the Gist Mobile App on App Store or Play store. You can send us a DM today for more information on our social media handles and we look forward to onboarding you!

Merry Christmas and

Have an easy year ahead!

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