• Anita Oguni

Simple But Not Mediocre

It’s funny how people like to attribute wanting and desiring less to mediocrity forgetting that less, more often than not comes with a kind of clarity which helps you to navigate your life easily and in essence just makes it better.

Simplicity and mediocrity are not two peas in a pod. A person who wants to live simply is one who wants to eliminate complications and move/live effortlessly yet still wants best of the little he/she wants. 

The Gist Mobile App helps you live a rich, simple life by eliminating the burden of having more than one phone and giving you the option to have more than one number including international numbers on one virtual sim.

Also, Gist Mobile App gives you the autonomy to switch off any of the numbers whenever you want to or have to.

The simple life is not mediocre and we all deserve to deal with less as we go through life. Be a gister today. Download the Gist Mobile App from Google Play Store or iOS store and visit to find out all you need to.

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