• Anita Oguni

A Synonym For Boundaries

When people talk about setting boundaries, some feel like that is being too extra or it is never too deep but we are humans and not malls, hence, we have to filter what comes into our lives and what we allow generally. 

Boundaries are an overlooked necessity and they are, whether you believe it or not, essential for your mental health.

Gist Mobile App allows you to set these boundaries even from your mobile phone. 

With your personalized gist profile, you can choose what number to switch off and when you can see who calls on any of your profiles/numbers, you can easily separate work/business calls from personal calls, you can choose what calls to take when on holiday outside your home country without switching sims or purchasing a new phone.

The Gist Mobile App can be said to be some kind of synonym for boundaries. Set those required boundaries, become a gister. 

Download the Gist Mobile App on Google Play Store or App Store and visit to know more.

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