• Anita Oguni

The Power Of Oneness

Once, there were two bakers. Baker A always had his measuring cups, wooden spoons, rubber spatula, pastry brush, whisk, and all other utensils and ingredients on one larger table in a particular room within his bakery. 

Baker B had all these utensils in different rooms in his bakery. Baker A found it easier to navigate and bake and deliver quality pastries in time to the delight of his customers.

Baker B was otherwise seen as clumsy because reaching out for tools in different rooms while baking was tasking so most times his pastries were tasteless or had too much salt or sugar.

With Gist Mobile, you can be Baker A, steering communication effortlessly as it suits you as regards work, business, or your personal life.

Once, you download the Gist Mobile App on Google Play or App Store, you can have up to 5 numbers on one sim in one phone. These numbers can be both local and international. You can also send free messages and make free calls to fellow gisters from the Gist Mobile App.

To have a feel of Baker A’s world and more, visit

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