• Anita Oguni

The World In Your Palms

Typically, people talk about you having the world in your palms — having your life in control or being able to control what goes in your life. It makes you think if that’s even possible.  

Certain factors and situations might make you feel like maybe you do have control over your life and others might make you think that you don’t.

In terms of communication and connecting with family, loved ones, business or work, Gist Mobile App does offer you the world in your palms.  

You have access to more than 3 numbers on one virtual sim both international and local numbers. You can be anywhere from anywhere and also choose when to switch off a gist profile (number) — you literally have your world in your palms.

If you are not in this ship already, there’s a lot you are missing out on.

Visit to start this thrilling journey

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