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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

‘’Swapping sim cards can be very annoying if you ask me’’ Jide grunted as he impatiently struggled with his mobile phone. ‘’Who still does that’’? Ifeanyi asks uninterested. ‘’Me, obviously’’ Jide responded, clearly irritated. ‘’Why do you even HAVE to do that?’’ Ifeanyi pressed. ‘’Because my boss is supposed to call me any minute from now and I took out my main sim to call this babe and here we are!’’ Jide retorted angrily Ifeanyi laughed hard as he held his sides. Now, you might be wondering who in the world is Ifeanyi and why swapping sim cards seems totally hilarious to him. He most certainly is a Gister who is finding it super easy to juggle communication between different aspects of his life without any glitches. All thanks to the Gist Mobile App.   It’s a fast-paced world. Everything is on the go! There’s no time to stop and ‘swap sim cards’, and risk missing important calls when you can purchase a virtual sim card and have up to four phone numbers both local and international without crossing seven seas. Become a Gister today and avoid being trolled by an Ifeanyi or even worse losing important business deals. Download Gist Mobile App on App Store or Play Store today to get ahead and stay effortlessly connected.

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