• Anita Oguni

Too Good But It's True

We are always looking to bring sheer goodness wrapped in premium service to you.

Also, we know that you are always looking to spend uninterrupted time on the phone with that special person or make those very important business calls, or…basically, a travel junkie who needs a number for all those exciting trips outside your home country.

If you have never heard of us, we come bearing good news, the Gist Mobile App allows you have up to 4 numbers including international numbers from the UK, US, or Canada…and you have different profiles for all your numbers and decide which stays on and which goes off with no stress!

And If you have heard of us and yet to purchase a Gist on the App, Gist Mobile has so much to offer and you should totally purchase one or two or three!

Well, visit our About section to satisfy your curiosity and/or download the Gist Mobile App from Play Store or App Store…and yes, we are always just a click away!

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