• Anita Oguni

Too Many Cooks Don't Always Spoil The Broth

Well…we are deeply sorry to burst your bubble and kind of push back on what we all have always believed in and grew up learning.

Truth be told, ‘too many cooks really don’t always spoil the broth’.

That’s why companies work best in teams and humans deal better with functional relationships and strong support systems.

Having options will always be a plus. A person with options is a free and happy one. 

Being able to choose when to take your business calls and when not to without having more than one mobile phone is a different kind of bliss.

Furthermore, you can have one dedicated number for your private calls. No mix-ups at all!

Gist Mobile App gives you access to 5 international numbers from any country of your choice all on one virtual sim…showing you that you can effortlessly multitask without missing calls or handling too much and still enjoy effective communication.

What more could you ask for?

Visit or download the Gist Mobile App from Play Store or App store to be a gister and find out more.

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