• Anita Oguni

Up, Close And Personal With Gist Mobile

Yay! Now you have downloaded the Gist Mobile App, what next? Come on this journey with us and get yourself acquainted with the Gist Mobile App. A ‘gist’ is a number you purchase on a Gist Mobile App.

Step 1: To begin, launch the app 

Step 2: How to create a new gist/Set up a profile

a. Enter your Profile name

b. Enter your Country

c. Enter Duration [ Number of months you intend to use a gist]

d. Click on Purchase [to buy a number - local or international] [UK,USA or Canada]

Step 3: How to create another gist profile

a. Follow the same process as seen in Step 2

Step 4: How to make calls and text/chat

a. Once you have switched to your preferred profile, click on the SMS icon to send a text

b. Click on the Chat icon to send instant messages to other Gist Mobile users free of charge

c. Click on the Keypad icon to dial a number [selecting contacts to call is super easy because the app automatically integrates user's contacts]

Step 5: Settings

a. Click on Availability to choose which of your gist profiles to turn on or off

b. Set Voicemail for each of your gist profiles

c. Change/add profile photo for each of your gist profiles as preferred

d. Rename your gist profile  [change/add profile name of your choice]

e. Click on the lower taskbar to switch from one gist profile to another

f. Delete profile [delete any of your gist profiles]

Step 7: Buy Number/Credit

a. Click on Top-Up to add credit to the existing amount you previously purchased

b. Click on Bundles to buy a bundle for call or SMS on any of your gist profiles

[The way bundles are designed you can easily lower tariffs your most preferred destination country]

c. Click on Transfer to share credit with other Gist Mobile contacts

Step 8: Information

a. Click on Global Rates to see how much it costs to call or text for different countries

b. Click on Support 

I. Check for  Frequently Asked Questions, ii.E-mail support, 

Iii. Terms and Conditions, Iv. Privacy Policy V. About [The Gist Mobile App] Vi. App Details [Check for other App details here]

c. Click on ShareMyNumber [Here, you can share any of your ‘gists’ with your contacts]

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