• Anita Oguni

Upholding Diversity

‘Yo! Dami, I am off to get food. What would you like to have?’ JK calls out, fingers twirling around the doorknob.

‘Moi Moi!’ Dami replies from the bedroom

‘Again? Don’t you get tired’

‘Nope!’ Dami retorts

A lot of us are like Dami, we’d rather stick with the old even when we are low-key fed up than trying something new.

But as the saying goes, ‘Variety is the spice of life’.

Always has. Always will be.

Gist is bringing that spice to your communication with multiple numbers [international and local] on one App.

You get to switch to the profile you want when you want after you have customized each according to your preference.

Basically, work calls don’t have to disrupt your perfect times with your significant other or loved ones.

Segment your life smartly. Embrace Diversity. Choose Gist Mobile App.

There’s more at

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