• Anita Oguni

Versatility Is Now An App

‘I missed you, Tolu’. Amara gushes wrapping her in a tight hug.

‘Awww…feeling is mutual, babe’ 

Amara reaches for one of Tolu’s bags. 

‘I want thisssss!’ 

Tolu smirks. 

‘Do you deserve it?’

‘I do now!’

“How many times did you call while i was in the US?

‘Err…I…’ Amara stutters

‘You see’ Tolu retorts with laughter in her voice

‘voice calls are expensive and then data calls aren’t free either’

‘yen…yen. Why don’t you have a Gist’?

‘A Gist?’

‘Yup’ Tolu brings out her phone, waving it in front of Amara.

‘Gist Mobile is an app that lets you have up to 5 numbers both local and international on one virtual sim and as a gister, you can make calls and send messages for free to other gisters. Just visit and get on this. No excuses will be tolerated next time’ Tolu chuckles and hands her the bag

‘Yay! doing that right away!’ Amara squeals as she wraps Tolu in another hug.

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