• Anita Oguni

Virtual Is The New Cool

Oh well, this is almost cliché because 2020 has made us all firm believers of the virtual culture.

We even dress up in our fancy clothes to attend wedding ceremonies from our workstations! Who would have thought?

We at Gist Mobile are just here to reiterate that indeed — virtual is the new cool and that’s a hill we will …you already know the rest

We are also passionate about making virtual life as easy and convenient for you as much as we can and that is why you can own up to 5 numbers (local and international) on one virtual sim on the Gist Mobile App.

Gist Mobile is ensuring that you live your best virtual life as simple

as possible with no hassles.

So, why don’t you jump on the gist train and have an amazingly stress-free virtual life?

Visit to be a gister and walk with that confident gait you were made for

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